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It is now widely recognized that among many impacts of climate change the security impacts are potentially the most dangerous. Climate change affects not only human security – people’s livelihoods – but also domestic and international security within and among fragile states. Over the past ten years, understanding and awareness of these risks have increased tremendously. From former US president Barrack Obama to the new UN secretary general Antonio Guterres and many other top politicians and leaders have spoken out about this. All the same, in the real world solutions to this threat remain elusive. Of course, causations are complex and there are no one size fits all solutions.

Nevertheless, the world is looking for and urgently needs responses to climate related insecurity. Now is the time to step up the work to turn knowledge into action. Successfully addressing climate-related security challenges requires knowledge sharing, partnerships, and getting out of separate silos. It requires, in short, the emergence of a new community of practice.

Essay assignment

If you look at the ecological and social problems that actually affect all countries in the world, how do those problems occur in the region where you come from? Which are the most urgent in your view?

Of course those problems are complex and there are probably no simple solutions, but the world is looking hard for solutions. What solutions do you see for your region and can they be scaled up? If that’s possible then how? The Earth Charter has 16 principles to tackle the issue. How do these principles match the solutions you propose.

Write an Essay of 3000 words maximum in English


Make a Movie of maximum 5 minutes with English subtitles (may be shot with youd cell phone)


We are proud that the Earth Charter Nederland is willing to provide a prize of 1500 euro for the winning essay or movie.

The jury

The jury consists of:

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Pronk, former Dutch Minister in 4 different governments,
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Opschoor, member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie voor Wetenschap.
  • Experts in the field

The jury will judge the essay on originality and practicality. We are looking for innovative solutions that can create a difference

Who can participate ?

All students (Dutch and Foreign) studying at institutes in the Netherlands in the academic year 2019-2020 (student card required) who are concerned with our future world.

Practical information

Return date:           1rst of April 2020
Return address:     ddzeeuw@xs4all