Dick de Zeeuw Lezing 2012 door Prof. Dr. Hans van Ginkel

De 2e jaarlijkse Dick de Zeeuw lezing vond plaats op 24 April 2012, door Prof. Dr. Hans van Ginkel, voormalig rector van United Nations University in Tokyo en Onder-Secretaris Generaal van de Verenigde Naties.

Title: World 5.0 Globalisation and Our Future
Geo-political and Socio-Economic  Perspectives on the Main Processes Shaping our Future World

Globalisation is changing our world in such profound ways that we will soon live in a kaleidoscopic, new world: ‘World 5.0’. The distinction between developed and developing countries is fundamentally changing in character, and often almost disappearing, as everything becomes ever more interconnected. Communities worldwide are linked through policy, economy, culture and in many more personal ways. Increasingly, differences within countries seem to become more important than between countries.

What are the forces driving the change of agriculture and land-use, industry and trade, culture and entertainment, the rural and the urban  towards this new world order? What does this mean for our ethics and values? Prof. Van Ginkel elaborated about decolonisation and urbanisation, the rise of territorial ‘exclaves’, and the interlinkages between structures and processes at a global and local scale. How will it be to live in ‘World 5.0’? What can and what should we do to make it better?

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